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Electric White Phalaenopsis Orchid will dazzle you with its elegance. The meeting of natural materials with the elegance of glass vases. You can send it to your loved ones with a Parla card and make them happy. 

Set of 6 Electric Orchids in a Stylish Glass Vase

  • Orchid Plants need good light levels, especially during the winter months, but do not expose the plants to direct sunlight. Orchids should not be exposed to extreme temperatures below 15°C or above 25°C. Water the plant regularly while it is blooming and reduce watering slightly during the winter months. Always keep the leaves dry, being careful not to splash them. Don't let the roots dry out, but don't let the plant sit in water either. Lightly mist the plant in summer. Sometimes wipe the dust off the leaves with a damp cloth, as accumulated dust blocks light from reaching the leaves. Since plants are a natural product, there may be size and color differences throughout the season.

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